• Kelly Rodriguez

The Holy

There are sacred spaces in our lives where we live an undeniable moment of the Holy – when God, in His infinite mercy and incomprehensible grace, extends His hand down into our finite existence and touches the coal to our lips and we are forever changed.

It is a consecrated moment; one that only a fool would defile by trying to explain.

It is an act of Holy love on His part, where we can say as Jacob at Bethel “How fearful and awesome is this place!... Without any doubt, the Lord is here, and I did not realize it.” (Genesis 28:16-17)

These may be the moments of walking through the valley of the shadow of death; the intimacy of the birth of new life; the devastating news that rocked all sense of security; a quiet moment of revelation while in communion with Him; a profound discovery in the throes of trial or difficulty. It’s the warmth of His presence, so real. We are filled with the reality of His nearness in the midst of our living and we abandon our plans, our agendas. We simply sit in this moment, breathing in His air, thinking His thoughts, absorbing His peace.

These are moments that become deep fountains of living waters for the rest of our lives. Where earth and heaven collide and we see His immensity, His goodness. There is nothing trite about these encounters, nothing cliché nor religious. There is a nakedness, not of outer garments but rather of the complete exposure of our human frailty to His loving touch.

Encountering the I AM.

The One who is love.

The One who heals.

The One who awakens.

The One who restores.

The Holy.

He is with you –


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