• Kelly Rodriguez

Invitation Accepted

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

In my mind’s eye I can see His beckoning hand. The invitation. No, this is not about salvation. That invitation, sent with bleeding hands stretched wide, was accepted long ago. This invitation involves personal risk, not eternal security. This particular invitation is sent by a motioning hand and one word, “Come.” I picture His face slightly turned, a slight smile on His lips, one raised eyebrow. He knows what He is asking of me…

To let go of the things I have planned carefully and call “mine,” and instead embrace a journey of being led by the hand and by the Spirit.

To give up the control and personal security I have so tenaciously fought to obtain, and instead lean into Him, lean on Him in trust and surrender.

To leave the well-worn path that has been laid out before me, the road that it seems everyone follows – some in blindness, some with purpose. But for me…leave it, and instead carve a new path with Him. Something unexpected. Unusual. Wonderful.

Jesus said “Come!”

Peter (Matthew 14:27-33), seeing Jesus walking across the water and coming towards them, says “If it’s you, Lord, command me to come to you on the water.” Why would such an idea occur to Peter? This was not a normal request, and certainly not something that would naturally spring up in the average person’s mind! But Peter had a bold and crazy idea, and he knew the voice of Christ. He knew what a command from Jesus sounded like. And so, if this was his Lord, knowing His power and authority, Peter felt sure that he would be safe… even to walk over these stormy waters and do something bold, unusual, unexpected, wonderful. Yes, he started to sink when he put his eyes on the wind and the waves; but don’t forget that he also walked back to the boat with Jesus. Peter accepted Christ’s invitation for the adventure. Peter was willing and Christ was able, so the thing was done. Funny how the Bible says that it was only after they got back into the boat that the wind ceased. They walked back together, through the same wind and over the same waves that Peter had feared. Everyone knew that it was Jesus who made the walking possible.

So, what is He inviting you to do? What strange and wonderful thing is stirring in your spirit?

Have you heard His invitation? “Come!” The slight smile. The raised eyebrow. The tender look of the Lover of your soul wanting to take you on a grand adventure. Will there be wind? Probably. And what about waves? Very likely. But when you know that you are following His call, rest assured that you are safe. Uncomfortable at times, yes… but safe. He will provide the grace, the resources, the vision, the strength and the love required to complete the thing. All you have to do is believe Him… and walk. And everyone will know that it was He who made the journey even possible.

Invitation accepted.

He is with you,


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