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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Chispa*.  Spanish for “the spark”.

When someone has “that spark” – in Spanish they say they have “chispa” – that thing that can light up the group, grab the eye, tug at the ear, get the attention. It’s not meant in a negative or disparaging way. Usually it simply means that the person just has a certain something that attracts.

God has placed in each of us a unique chispa* that only we can carry off. It can be connected with our personality or our maturity or our talents…or any other combination of things; but the chispa* is unique to each one of us. Some carry it quietly. Others carry it out in front for all the world to see. Some deliberately try to hide it away so no one will ever know or suspect that it exists (avoid attention at all costs).

But God created each of us to influence another. He even created us to be influencer of many others. Often times we may be completely unaware of our own ability to impact those who come into our sphere of living. We just go about our own business.

Funny thing about a spark, though…

If a spark does not ignite something outside of itself, it will fade and die. But if it ignites another, it will be consumed within the very blaze it created.

What was once a solitary spark has become engulfed in something greater than itself.

Una chispa*

A spark.

So small, but so, so significant.

That’s YOU. You are the chispa* that God intends to ignite the hearts of others. So many fade before they take the chance to touch the life walking alongside them. Don’t allow the beautiful, irreplaceable ember, ignited by your own Creator, to die. Be the chispa* that ignites the flame in others.

And then burn together.

He is with you.


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