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Breaking Ground... Training Ground... Holy Ground

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

As the inaugural blog post, I felt strongly that the topic should be something process-related, but with an honest look at the hard things of life, as well.

The ground we tread over through the seasons of life are varied, but can pretty much be categorized into three types: Breaking ground, Training ground, and Holy ground.

Breaking Ground – When we find ourselves in a season of ground breaking, we feel that life is unstable; our long-standing beliefs are being questioned; our insecurities that (ironically) gave us our identity are being challenged. God is opening up before us new windows to see His design, and we find ourselves being provoked and challenged. He is breaking the ground in us. In John 10:10 we hear Jesus telling his disciples that “I have come that they (you) may have life, and that they (you) may have it more abundantly.” (NKJV – emphasis mine) And what is the ground being broken in us? Our limiting fears, crushing insecurities, crippling pride, neutralizing rebellion… He at times even has to break the ground of our successes and blessings, because we will still live within their limits rather than seek “the things that He has prepared for those who love him.”  (1 Corinthians 2:9; NKJV)  If you find yourself in the breaking, surrender. Trust Him. He is not breaking to destroy you; He is breaking to build you.

Training Ground – That place where we are being stretched beyond what we feel we are capable of. We are “in over our heads,” so to speak. And that is good, when we learn to walk this ground in faith. Here is where we have been given a glimpse of what has been prepared for us, and we know that there is work that needs to be done – in ourselves and in our environment. I love that Paul shows us in 1 Corinthians 9:19-27 the importance of personal growth, discipline, and spiritual training in order to win others and to fulfill the calling that God has placed on our lives. He says “Run in such a way that you may obtain [the prize]” (verse 24). When we are being pushed to grow (through circumstances, through relationships, through the Word), we are being groomed for the work that He has called us to, and to be perfected in Him. These are times when we must work in cooperation with Him to clear out the wrong attitudes and beliefs that we have held in our thinking, build spiritual muscle, and develop personal character. Trust Him. He is not stretching to destroy you; He is stretching to build and to use you.

Holy Ground – This is sacred space. The season that appears to have no rhyme or reason, and certainly is not aligned with God’s original design. Sickness, deception, betrayal, tragedy, financial and moral ruin. This ground is lonely and desolate because no one can walk with you here. This is the hard stuff of life, the tragedies, where we find ourselves walking day by day with an open wound that was formed by someone’s sin (our own or someone else’s) or simply because we live in a fallen world. Even in this, even here, God is present. This is the place where you choose Him simply because He is. One cannot tell you “This is God’s plan” or “It will be ok” because you know better than anyone else how much real damage has been done. How much excruciating pain has been inflicted. But even in this… These are sacred, private moments when He reveals Himself with an intimacy that you will never be able to describe to anyone else. He desires to reveal a part of Himself to you even in this moment of agony – a part of Himself that you cannot see in the light of day, in the bright light of blessing. Don’t refuse Him the opportunity to reveal Himself, even in this. And yes, we do know and trust that “ALL things [will} work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) It will. It was not His plan, His design. But He will be known by you all the more because you allowed Him to invade your pain and to give you more of Himself. Trust Him. He will not destroy you; He will reveal Himself to you, cover and heal you.

I pray that whatever ground you are walking over today, that you will be encouraged. You are loved with an everlasting love. And your Designer will never be content with leaving you alone to your own devices. He will continue to pursue you, to love you, to teach you, and to perfect you into His image. Blessings to you today as you walk.

He is with you!


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