• Kelly Rodriguez

Be My Guest (Sacred Spaces)

“Let us make a little chamber…” 2 Kings 4:10

Ah. Quiet space. Reflect. Be present. Think. Be silent. Hear.

In 2 Kings chapter 4 we see a woman, a wealthy and hospitable woman, who has opened her home to the Prophet Elisha when he needs a place to eat or rest. After many visits, she has the generous idea to build a small room (a little chamber) on the roof of their home so that the prophet will have a quiet and private place to stay. Her husband agrees and the room is built.  In fact, verse 11 says that one day when Elisha arrived at their home “he went up to his room and lay down there.” That space was created for him, for his enjoyment and use, and he was free to come and go as he pleased.

I love that this woman stretched herself beyond simple hospitality and went into the deep waters of generosity. She gave the prophet access to her home, her family, her servants, her resources. She understood the importance of honoring and caring for this man of God. I’m not sure that she realized the miracle that would be coming her way. Her actions were simply an act of honor and affection. She was not seeking payment, yet the man of God  blessed her for the posture of her heart.

Let us make a little chamber. Let us make a little chamber for the One who comes to give life, to instruct us, to comfort and counsel us. Let us open ourselves, our homes, our families, our resources to Him. Let us invite the Holy Spirit to abide with us and in us. Let us honor Him with our attention, with our affection, with time and space in our day. It is not so much a question of having a physical room built or adapted, but rather a posture of the heart and mind…a quiet space that we deliberately create to sit with Him, to be quiet and listen to Him, to give Him a place of honor in our hearts and in our homes.

Sometimes we make the Holy Spirit out to be something spooky and undefinable, when actually He is someone – the Person who fills us with the knowledge of the Father and with power! He reveals mysteries to us, and leads us into all truth (John 16:13). When we honor Him, He will move in and infiltrate every single corner of our lives. He will spread His wings over our homes, families, jobs, businesses, churches, ministries, dreams, health, finances, relationships… He will lead us into all truth. And I dare say, that as you seek to give Him that place of honor in your life, His abundant blessing will certainly follow.

Let us make a little chamber. In our hearts, in our schedules, in our busyness… let us create a space to be fully present, aware of Him, to connect with Him – He who is power, and light, and truth, and peace, and joy, and self-control… You will find yourself walking with a lighter step, a clearer view, a calmer heart.

He is with you!


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