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An Advent Post: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room – Getting Ready for the Birth

If you’ve ever had a child, you know what it is to prepare. You begin months in advance to picture the space where you will bring your new baby home. You begin to collect small items of comfort or toys they will eventually be able to play with. You think of the décor and paint colors you will use to create the sweet space for them to grow in. You plan for the bigger needs…the crib, the swing, the stroller and rocking chair.

There is a whole process of preparing room for the little one to arrive.

There is great expectancy of their arrival. There is joy and hope around every corner.

And so it is this Advent season. Advent means “the arrival of an important or notable person.” Just as our newborns are greatly longed-for, so too was the coming of the Savior. The Jewish people longed for the Messiah, the great hope of their salvation. They just did not expect Him to come quietly into a stable, surrounded by commonness. The common town. The common stable. The common shepherds who came to worship Him. They could not recognize their Messiah through the commonness.

But there were those who made room for Him. There were people who stooped down to recognize the divinity of God in the small form of this baby. They could sense the divine while in His presence. Even in the midst of the common sounds and smells of sheep and straw, the shepherds had heard the angelic announcement of His glorious arrival. And they went. In the common town of Bethlehem, wealthy magi came to bring expensive gifts and worship a King.

These are the days when the shopping and decorating start to slow, and we begin to focus on the arrival. Christ has already come. He already dwells in the hearts of those who believe on Him. But this is a time of precious preparation, wherein we quiet the busy bustling and buying of things and start to attune our hearts to His presence. Celebrating the Birth of our Savior is no small thing. It is laced with hope and joy, expectation and dreams of what is to come.

In these final days before Christmas, I encourage you to prepare Him room. Make the space for Him. Prepare your heart for celebration by meditating on His goodness, His faithfulness in your life. The healing you have received. Strength, wisdom, and endurance as you’ve walked through trials. His miraculous and abundant provision. The sense of purpose that He has revealed to you for your life. And if you are struggling to see goodness, look closely, look carefully at the tiny, common miracles and blessings that reveal His presence and love in your life every day. We will not allow the commonness of things drown out His divinity. He is our Savior, our Lord, our King. Let us prepare and celebrate!

Emmanuel - God with us.


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